Are you feeling alone as the parent of a teen or pre-teen?

There is hope, Operation Parent is here for your support!

You are now part of our network of thousands of parents who are in the thick of raising teens and pre-teens.  What a tough job!  Our goal is to make sure no parent in any community ever feels alone while they face the many challenges that come with parenting adolescents.  Let’s face it…things have changed alot since we were teens and pre-teens.  But that doesn’t mean we still can’t raise incredible kids.  We just need to be willing to raise our awareness and become educated on today’s teen culture.  Whether your child is in elementary, middle or high school, we stand ready to encourage you on this journey.  Welcome to Operation: PARENT…we’re so glad you’re here!

About Operation: PARENT

Operation: PARENT is a non-profit organization dedicated to parents and caregivers of teens and preteens without regard to race, religion or ethnic origin. Our mission is to provide ongoing education, support and hope to those raising teens and preteens in today’s culture.  We fulfill our mission by focusing on 40+ “social issues” that, if  left unaddressed, have the potential to cause parents and their teens to disconnect.  By providing up-to-date information about today’s teen culture on a variety of levels, parents can quickly tap into the latest information they need to (1) raise their awareness and confidence (2) initiate meaningful conversations with their child (3) set age appropriate boundaries or (4) connect with professionals who can help.   Headquartered in LaGrange, Kentucky, our organization offers a unique parent-driven model for parent education that can be duplicated in schools, churches, businesses and communities. The model offers a variety of lifelines for parents including our Parent Handbook, classes, speaker events, community presentations, drug kits, resources and website. For information, call (502) 265-9045 or email

Programs & Products Offered

Operation: PARENT Location

Operation: PARENT Corporate Headquarters is located in LaGrange, Kentucky and serves communities within a 250 mile radius of Louisville.  We have a 1,500 SF facility dedicated to parent education, with a resource room equipped with 250+ parenting books and two training rooms available to all parents. We invite you to visit us today and check out the resources we selected with you in mind!