I heartily support Operation: PARENT in their ongoing endeavors to provide educational opportunities and resources on a variety of social issues pertinent to raising high school students.

–Paul Upchurch, Former Superintendent, Oldham County Schools, KY

It is rare to find an organization whose work so clearly reflects its mission – ‘…to educate, equip, encourage and engage the parents of teenagers.’ The connections made between kids, their families and their schools as a result of the Operation: PARENT programming are truly amazing. It is always a pleasure to work closely with Operation: PARENT and see firsthand the direct benefits of authentic school/parent/family partnerships.

–Dan Orman, Assistant Superintendent/Personnel Services, Oldham County Schools, KY

“As the mother of 2 teenage sons, I often felt like I was navigating on uncharted waters alone. Operation: PARENT has brought together parents from every segment of our community to discuss our successes and our failures. I no longer feel alone.

–Julie Law, Parent

“I have 2 teenage sons. This organization has positive and well-organized plans complete with classes and publications providing valuable and much-needed information to parents about raising teens effectively and safely.

–Keith Ray, Parent

What a difference this ‘for parents-by parents’ approach has made in the sharing of ideas and strategies. Comfort is gained just by knowing they are ‘not in this alone.’ The take home resources fortify key points and continually strengthen the will to stay strong in parenting practices long after the sessions have ended. Every parent should participate at least once while their child is in middle school, preferably at the onset.

–Teresa Forrest, North Oldham Middle School Guidance Counselor

“This program is a wonderful way for us as parents to understand what our kids are going through. It doesn’t sugarcoat what’s going on in our teen’s lives and helps deal with TODAY’s issues. There are many organizations that need money, but this is one that should be a priority. Our young people are our future – we need to invest in them.

–Kimberly Melton, Parent

Operation: PARENT is a program that I wish every parent would take the opportunity to participate in.  One of the most important benefits in the class is the bonding of parents… If we can work together and trust one another to have the best interest of the children at heart, then what an advantage that would be for each parent…

–Stacie Short, St. Albert the Great, School Counselor, Jefferson County, KY

…it is not until the child has been referred to counseling as a result of some behavioral problem that the parents become aware of these issues and begin only then to discuss them with their children. I believe strongly that if more parents had the opportunity and courage to attend Operation: PARENT, parents would be better informed, more proactive and feel a sense of support and unity among other parents. I believe Operation: PARENT is so beneficial that it should be mandatory for parents…

–Mary Lynn Thieneman, LCSW, LMFT, Louisville KY

The biggest benefit for us has been the camaraderie among parents. The support they are giving each other can only translate into positive outcomes for kids and schools. I think the ground swell this program is creating among parents across our community will have a long-reaching impact.

–Linda VanHouten, Head of School, Walden School, Louisville, KY