“When you learn better, you do better.”

The resources below were designed by parents, for parents, to help you raise your awareness quickly, improve your communication skills, establish some age appropriate boundaries and network with other parents in the process.  Click on the links to learn more about what we have to offer.  If you would like more details please call us at (502) 265-9045 or email us.

Parent Handbook

The teen culture is constantly changing.  How can a parent possibly keep up?  Our Parent Handbook was designed for this very purpose…to keep you up-to-date on the latest issues affecting your teen or pre-teen.  We keep the content short and simple but most of all we keep it updated.  You can’t protect your child if you don’t know what they’re facing or if you fail to recognize the warning signs.  Raise your awareness instantly on 40+ issues and then hang on to this valuable resource for future reference.  Trends, misconceptions, warning signs and more.  Read it from cover to cover and become a socially informed parent. Want to know more?

Community Presentations

In addition to our monthly speaker series, OP also goes out into the community to speak on a variety of parenting issues.  Currently, the most requested topics are “Technology” and “Social Media”.  Please contact us if you would like someone from Operation: PARENT to speak to your community group on any one of the issues listed in our Parent Handbook.

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee series

OP offers a series of presentations on topics that parents are most concerned about.  These presentations are given by experts in their field and allow parents to hear the latest information, ask questions, and network with other parents in the process.  Past topics have included:  The Addiction Gene, Aggressive Behaviors, ADHD, Healthy Flirting and Dating, Cyberbullying,  Setting Boundaries, Drugs in School, Teen Suicide and more. Click here for more information.

Parenting Classes

As adults, we take classes to learn how to cook, speak another language or master a particular skill.  We take yoga classes, automotive classes, self-defense classes.  We study photography, dance and foreign languages.  We learn from the instructor, the class materials and most of all from the hands-on activities and face to face discussions with classmates.  Why not parenting classes then?  What better way to learn life saving skills and strategies than with other parents who are in the same boat…raising teens and pre-teens.  The camaraderie that takes place is as valuable as the instruction and powerful videos.  Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve raised a few teens already, a parenting class can help sharpen your skills. Click here to read more about our classes.

Resource Room

For our local parents and community partners we have established a library of books and resources on every topic in our Parent Handbook, plus more. We invite you to visit our Headquarters and whether you sit and read in the comfort of our Resource Room, or check out a book to take home, every book has the potential to educate and empower you on specific issues you may be struggling with. There are right ways and wrong ways to parent through tough issues. Read what the experts have to say! Click here to see a listing of our resources.

In-home Drug Kit program

Parents need practical tools and kids need legitimate excuses to say “no” to alcohol and drugs. The Operation: PARENT In-home Drug Kit satisfies both needs. Our kit is designed with you in mind. Easy to administer, and loaded with educational information.  Far more complete than any kit you can purchase from a drug store or pharmacy. For more details click here.

P101 on DVD set

If you cannot attend our p101 class, the next best thing is to watch it in the privacy of your own home. Our first preference is always to encourage you to take the class but we recognize that’s not always possible in today’s busy world.  For that reason we’ve made this available for purchase.
Click here to learn more.

Contact us to learn more about the programs we’re offering. Call (502) 265-9045 or email us.