It’s a different world today for parents. Raising healthy teenagers has never been easy… It doesn’t happen automatically. And thanks to technology, kids are being introduced to drugs, alcohol, sex and violence at younger and younger ages. So how does a parent catch up and keep up with today’s teen culture? Where can a parent find help and encouragement? The answer… Parenting 101: Parent to Parent.

Parenting 101 is an eight hour class offered in a variety of formats to accommodate busy parents.  This video-driven class helps parents raise their awareness about today’s teen culture and pick up practical strategies, while networking with other parents in the process. Take the guesswork out of parenting by learning about today’s teen culture… the good, the bad and the ugly, and then learn from other parents’ experiences. It’s comforting to know you are not alone as you begin to face challenges you never thought you’d face. No family escapes the teen years without some drama, and Operation: PARENT’s goal is to help you minimize the trials, maintain your sanity and raise a healthy teen along the way.

“I loved the thought provoking questions. They didn’t tell me what to do but helped me see why I do things. Really a great experience!!!”
–Sharon Hilbrecht, Parent

The class is limited in size to about 15 parents or less. Every parent can benefit from the information that is shared in the video and discussions, so whether you are there for prevention (raising a preteen) or intervention purposes (raising a teen), come knowing you will walk away educated, encouraged and equipped to raise your incredible teenager.


Topics include:

  • Four Things Parents Can Do Today to Protect Their Teens
  • Signs and Symptoms of an Unhealthy Teen
  • Why Schools Cannot Raise Kids
  • Managing the Internet
  • Seven Common Traps Parents Fall Into

  • Drugs & Alcohol:
    Why do kids use drugs?
    How would I know?
    How can I prevent it?
    What if prevention doesn’t work?
    Is it worth the effort?

Unbiased report in support of our Parenting 101 course:

Program Evaluation of Operation: PARENT–Parenting 101 Final Report
Phyllis Platt, PhD, MSW & Lindsay C. Nelson, B. A.; Spalding University, School of Social Work

Class materials include:

Parent to Parent Workbook/Audio CD

This workbook provides parents with the opportunity to follow along and “fill in” pertinent information while viewing each video session. The Audio CD allows participants to listen to these valuable lessons over again or share with family members!

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Excerpt from p101, Class 3