It was a pleasure meeting all of our Coalition partners at the 2017 Mid-Year Training Institute in Atlanta this past July!

Congratulations to our iPad winner, Toddie Milstead with West Baton Rouge Healthy Community Coalition.

Thank you for the work you are doing in your communities to reduce youth substance use!

We have been working with coalitions across the country for ten years and we share your passion. Here’s how we partner with coalitions to create a culture of parent involvement:

Educate Parents with The Parent Handbook

Drugs and alcohol are very important issues to parents but oftentimes parents miss the underlying problems that fuel their child’s substance abuse…anxiety, bullying, depression, dating violence, divorce, etc. When parents raise their awareness and begin connecting the dots, lives can be saved and prevention can take root.

Build Community with Parent/Youth Presentations

Host us to speak with parents and/or the youth in your community on topics within our handbooks. Topics vary based on the audience. Popular parent presentations include; Coping Skills, Drugs and Alcohol, the Developing Teen Brain. Student presentations include but are not limited to; Protecting Your Digital Reputation and Cyberbullying.
Click here for more information and to view a presentation.

Reinforce on-going Prevention Education

Parents are busy and the teen and preteen culture is constantly changing. We update our handbooks every 18-24 months with the latest trends to provide easy access to trustworthy information for parents in every community. Other opportunities to connect with us include;

  • subscribing to our monthly e-Newlsetters
  • registering for live webinars
  • following us on social media
Create Community with Small Groups

Nothing is more powerful than getting parents together in small groups. Whether physically on-site somewhere or virtually online with a private group. This allows parents to know they’re not alone and allows them to feel safe to share their concerns, questions, struggles and victories.