It was an honor to meet all coalition representatives at the 2016 Mid Year Training Institute!
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Thank you for working to reduce youth substance abuse!

Our organization shares your passion and we have been working with coalitions across the country for the past ten years.  Click here for a list of coalition partners

We believe the most critical “sector” of every coalition is the PARENT sector.  Here’s how we’re helping coalitions like yours create a culture of “parent involvement” …and then keep it going!


Step 1:  Educate Parents On Tough Issues

Drugs and alcohol are very important issues to parents but oftentimes parents miss the underlying problems that fuel their child’s substance abuse…anxiety, bullying, depression, dating violence, divorce, etc. When parents raise their awareness and begin connecting the dots, lives can be saved and prevention can take root.
Your coalition can help stimulate that action when you partner with Operation: PARENT.

Involve your sectors by distributing The Parent Handbook throughout your community.

  • Our new Elementary edition gets parents off to a great start!
  • Our sixth edition is great for public schools.
  • Our Christian Edition and complimentary Bible Study are perfect for your faith based community.
  • Our Spanish Edition equips Hispanic families.

View our Strategy Pinwheel for creative ideas on how and when to distribute the handbook
Features and benefits of the Parent Handbook.
Advertise your coalition on the inside front cover. (Click to view a sample)
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Step 2:  Build Community

Operation: PARENT will come to your community and speak to parents about Drugs and Alcohol, the Developing Teen Brain and other topics covered in the Parent Handbook.
Student presentations include Protecting Your Digital Reputation and Cyberbullying.
Click here for more information and to view a presentation.

Step 3:  Reinforce with Ongoing Education

Parents are busy and the teen and preteen culture is continually changing.  For this reason, we continue to update the latest trends and provide easy access to trustworthy information.
When your coalition partners with Operation: PARENT, we will provide ongoing education through our E-Newlsetter, Webinars, Social Media, and Referral Services.
When you link Operation: PARENT to your coalition’s website you provide continual support to your families.  We encourage local schools and churches to do the same!

Step 4:  Continue Building Community with Small Groups

Nothing is more powerful than getting parents together in small groups where they feel safe to share their concerns, questions, struggles and victories.

Our Project 5: 8 Bible Study is a small group program for Christian audiences.

Click here for more on The 5:8 Project Bible Study

Our P101 Affiliate Program is a small group program for secular audiences.

Below is an excerpt from Session 3 of Parenting 101. While portions of the video may appear dated, the content is extremely applicable for today’s parents. The principles taught are timeless and tested.

Click here for more info on our p101 Affiliate Program

If you have questions or would like more details please call us at (502) 265-9045 or send us an mail.