Parent involvement…it starts at home.

At Operation: PARENT, we believe parents need to be involved in the life of their child at home before they can be involved in the life of their child at school.  Since we’re a parent-driven organization, we can reach out to parents and encourage involvement in a way that schools cannot.  Our goal is to offer parents a safe venue where they can receive the education and encouragement they need to raise socially healthy teens and preteens.   That safe venue may be our headquarters in Oldham County, or it may be in the classroom or library of a school that hosts one of our programs.

Operation: PARENT started in a school and we’re excited to partner with public and private schools throughout our community.  Our resources include our classes and events, our staff, our facility, our community presentations, parent handbooks, drug kits, and more.  We are thrilled to share our model and our resources with any public or private elementary, middle or high school.  To learn how to “connect” your school with Operation: PARENT, click here for some suggestions, then call us at (502) 265-9045.


1.  Wake Up and Smell The Coffee Speaker Series:  OP has developed a series of presentations, delivered by experts, on topics that parents are most concerned about.  For a complete listing of past speakers click here.  To learn more about our Wake Up and Smell the Coffee speaker series, click here. If you would like to host a Wake Up and Smell The Coffee Speaker event at your school, please contact or call us at (502) 265-9045.

2.  Customized Presentations by OP:  Recently, Operation: PARENT has received many requests to speak to parents at schools about technology and social media.  We can provide that service and in addition, educate your parents about our organization and how we can be a resource to them.  If you have a specific topic you would like us to address with your parents, please contact

Parent Handbook

Here’s a very tangible tool you can provide your counselors, mental health specialists, teachers and parents with that has the potential to save lives and open up new channels of communication.  Every incoming 6th grade parent needs the Parent Handbook, but even 4th and 5th grade parents can benefit from the information.  How does a parent keep up with today’s teen culture?  This handbook is the perfect solution for today’s busy parents.  We make sure the handbook is updated annually and the information provided is written in a simple, easy to read format.  Parents can become aware and educated in the privacy of their own home and on their own schedule.  This is the perfect “first step” toward parent involvement.

Partnership Opportunities

Operation: PARENT values partnerships.  If you’re interested in partnering with Operation: PARENT, just give us a call (502) 265-9045 or email

Parenting Classes

Operation: PARENT has trained over 70 parents to become Parenting 101 facilitators.  (Click here to read more on our classes) If you would like to speak to someone about bringing one of our classes to your school, please contact

The sooner you introduce Operation: PARENT to the parents at your school, the better!  Let us be a safety net for them as their child transitions from elementary, to middle, to high school.  The issues will change, but the need for education, support and hope continues throughout the journey.  Contact us to learn more about the programs we’re offering. Call (502) 265-9045 or email us.