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This comprehensive, commercial grade in-home drug testing kit includes tests for alcohol, nicotine, marijuana, spice, opiates and more.  Uniquely packaged to include educational brochures on each substance plus a Family Pledge Agreement that parents can use to facilitate communication and foster anti-drug use attitudes and norms within the family.

Kit  Includes:     

  • 1 instant 12 panel dip test (urine based) which detects the 12 most commonly abused drugs (COC-Cocaine, AMP-Amphetamine, MAMP-Methamphetamine, THC-Marijuana, MTD-Methadone, MDMA-Ecstasy, OPI-Opiates, OXY-Oxycodone, PPX-Propoxyphene, PCP-Phencyclidine, BAR-Barbiturate, BZO-Benzodiazepine)
  • 1 instant alcohol dip test
  • 1 instant nicotine dip test
  • 1 K2/Spice (synthetic marijuana) dip test
  • 1 Family Pledge/Contract
  • Educational brochures
  • Click to view Drug Testing Kit Instructional video

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