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Most Christian parents are shocked to learn that kids are beginning to experiment with drugs, alcohol, and sex as early as fourth and fifth grade. Very few are familiar with the apps and games their kids are accessing, and knowing how to parent through a cyberbullying or sexting issue is foreign territory. How does a parent detect early warning signs of a potential problem or apply their Christian faith to their parenting? And how can the church help these parents?

"As Vice President of a 27,000 member Christian Ministers’ Association, The National Association of Christian Ministers, we are presently seeking, as a ministerial association, to train and put these materials in the hands of all church leaders, so as to effectively train parents to be influential parents."

Rodger Niemeier

Our answer

to today's issues

This resource addresses over twenty-five of today’s toughest issues affecting parents and their teens and preteens, and does so from a Christian perspective. Christian parents can raise their awareness instantly, engage their teen or preteen in meaningful conversations, and experience the amazing timelessness of the Word of God.  Take a look to see why Children and Family ministers are so excited.

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