It’s a different world

than the one we grew up in

New apps, new games, new drugs, new “online” challenges.  Ever feel like it’s impossible to keep up with today’s ever-changing culture? As parents ourselves, we’ve been there. Our parent handbooks are designed to bridge the gap between the world you grew up in and the world your kids are growing up in today. The content will help you “keep up” so you can “speak up” and have meaningful conversations with your kiddos. Our free monthly webinars are designed to let you dig deeper on a particular issue and connect with a community of parents. We can do this. We’re the number one influence in the lives of our children.

As parents, we must ask ourselves one important question:

"With all the stuff out there that our kids are being exposed to, can we still raise healthy, well adjusted, drug-free teens and preteens?"
the answer is "absolutely!"

Our answer

to today's issues

The best way to keep your kids safe? Understand the world they are growing up in. Now’s the time to be informed. Keeping this resource out where your kids can pick it up can help spark life-saving conversations! Take a peek and see what parents are facing today.

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