TNT Toolkit

What does the TNT Toolkit include? Operation Parent’s TNT Toolkit is an event package that includes the tools to assist in planning, promoting, and hosting TNT. The Toolkit includes: 2 TNT Planning Manuals 50 Operation Parent Handbooks (Standard Middle/High Edition) 20 TNT T-Shirts (6 Medium, 6 Large, 6 XL, and 2 XXL) 1 “Watch us say ‘no’” Banner 5 Drug Fact Foamboard Posters (24x36) 500 Silicone “TNT” Wristbands 5 Promotional Posters (18x24) Thumb Drive including Digital Files for: Social Media Posts, Printable Promotional Posters, Printable Yard Signs, Event Waiver (editable), Printable Promotional Flyer, Parent/Caregiver Take Home Handout Optional email/telephonic support (up to 60 minutes).

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$ 3,499.00 USD