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Nobody spends more time with our children outside of the home than you. You are on the front line and are often held responsible for the care of our children. Schools were designed to “educate” and parents were designed to “raise and train” children. However, more often than not, schools are being asked to assume what we believe only parents can do for their children.

It’s time to re-balance the scales and shift the burden of care where it rightfully belongs… back to parents and caregivers. We recognize that many parents may not have the proper information, skills, or confidence to become the proactive participants required to raise healthy kids in today’s aggressive culture. That’s where we can help.

"I found your elementary edition of the parent handbook in our school office today. I just wanted to thank you for this and tell you how helpful I found it to be! I think it is EXTREMELY important for parents to know all of the latest trends that are out there that we may have no idea about! I also really found your mental health section informative. As a teacher and parent, this is something that we are seeing a great need for in schools. It was great to see all of the suggestions as well as the information presented! Kudos! Thank you!"

Nicole Collins
The Clearfield Area School District

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Superintendents, Principals, Counselors, Family Resource and Youth Service Center Coordinators, and PTA’s are ordering these for the families in their school districts. Take a look to see why they’re so excited.

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