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Tuesday, December 6th 
1 - 2:30pm EST

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6 Key ingredients for successfully parenting kids with eating disorders and body image issues

with Clinical Psychologist
Dr. Erin Terada

As a parent, I know first hand how important it is to partner with our teens in developing a healthy body image. Most parents are unaware of the powerful impact that social media can have on impressionable youth.

In this webinar I'll share some valuable information on how to better communicate with your teens and pre-teens so you can support a healthier home environment and encourage a more balanced lifestyle.

Eating Disorders are now developing at earlier ages for both males and females. For years, there has been a steady increase among preteens and teens in diagnosable eating disorders, distorted body image beliefs, and dieting fads.

There are many things that parents and caregivers can do right at home to help prevent this trend from continuing. In this webinar I will also discuss the most observable warning signs and behaviors that can be present when eating issues emerge as well as when to seek out treatment.

Attendees will learn about more commonly diagnosed eating and feeding disorders, along with the evidence-based treatments that are currently used.

Lose the Stress - Feel More Empowered and Equipped To Help your Child.
Deal with food related issues and family on holidays
Promote healthy discussions around food at home
Use positive body image messages with your child
Understand the devastating impact of social media on teen body image
Help your child balance body movement and and lead a joyful lifestyle
Reduce weight stigma and bias
This FREE EVENT could be a game changer in your relationship with your child
Don't miss out on this exclusive event.

Operation Parent has teamed up with clinical psychologist Dr. Erin Terada to bring you this free event that will undoubtedly be life changing for those raising teens and pre-teens with body image issues.

Come prepared with your questions because Dr. Erin Terada will be taking live Q&A after the webinar.

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