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Webinar: Keeping It Positive Body Image and Self-Esteem

Participants will receive an overview of the concepts of body image, eating disorders and self-esteem. Current trends and misconceptions in body image, eating disorders and self-esteem among tweens and teens will be discussed.  The role of media, social media, and family in the development of healthy vs. unhealthy body beliefs and behaviors will be explored. […]

Webinar: Shedding Light on Youth Alcohol Usage and Binge Drinking

Alcohol is the most commonly abused drug among youth in the United States.  Youth, between the ages of 12 -21, consume 11% of all the alcohol in the US.  We will discuss why teens use alcohol, binge drinking, caffeinated alcoholic beverages, the risks associated with adolescent use and the role parents play in prevention. Presented […]

Let’s Talk

Welcome to 21st Century Prevention We want you to have a great start to the school year! We’ve created an awesome video full of tips to help you make it the best year yet.  

21st Century Prevention – Oldham County

Welcome Parents! Now, that school is in full swing it’s time we unveil our 1st short, educational video as part of the 21st Century Prevention Project.    

Webinar: Hiding in Plain Sight

Unfortunately, teens often exhibit some of the riskiest behavior when compared to other age groups. Drug and alcohol use is even further accentuated with peer pressure and the ideation that drugs are becoming decriminalized. In addition to their perception of illegal activity, there are also new technological advancements in the drug and alcohol world, which […]

Webinar: Marijuana, the Teen Brain, and Impact on Teen School Performance

Marijuana: an ancient plant, but currently rife with current misconceptions about its nature and potential harms to adolescents. This webinar will clear the haze around marijuana, giving you the most up-to-date information about how the drug impacts the teen brain, as well as the consequences of use on our children’s success in school and future […]

5th Annual Golf Scramble

It’s that time! Operation Parent’s 5th Annual Golf Scramble will be here before you know it so mark your calendar for Monday, October 8th! We will be hosted by Hunting Creek Country Club in Prospect. Keep your fingers crossed for beautiful weather again this year!

5 Strategies to Raise a Drug-free Kid

It isn’t easy to be “that” parent but getting in the way of our child’s use of drugs or alcohol is our job.

Anna Hobbs

I finally had time to watch the e-cig webinar with Dr. Purcell. WOW! It was refreshing to see accurate and up-to-date research! Liz was listening in the background and we were both extremely impressed and plan to use some of her latest data in our work. I’m passing along the link to our staff here […]

Childhood Anxiety – Oldham County

Welcome Parents! What does my 4th grader possibly have to be anxious about? Find out more from Karen Lawrence, founder of camp Hi-Ho, in the second video of our 21st Century Prevention Project. Previous Videos View our first educational video in the 21st Century Prevention Project on the 5 tips for a successful school year.