July 26, 2022


Your Teen’s Brain and the Link to Risky Behavior

Crystal Collier
PhD, LPC-S  Therapist, Researcher, Educator

Get ready to learn about how substances and other risky behavior affect the teen brain, the role of genetics in addiction, and implications for prevention and treatment. Dr. Crystal Collier, author of The NeuroWhereAbouts Guide, teaches the science of risky behavior to students, families, and clinicians across the country and every parent can utilize the information in daily parenting interactions.

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Embracing Uncertainty: How to support anxious teens in developing resilience in stressful times

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Embracing Uncertainty How to Support Anxious Teens in Developing Resilience in Stressful Times

Erin Tarada

Attempting to navigate these stressful times can be a strenuous endeavor families face. This webinar will focus on the effects of our current times and the resulting role that anxiety can play in the family. Parents will learn how to support teenagers through adaptive open communication skills. Plus, how resiliency in the home can be a key factor in helping adolescents thrive in uncertain times.

Social Anxiety The Silent Pandemic that Needs a Louder Voice

Kyle Mitchell

We all have a social anxiety part that keeps us from doing things we want to do because of fear of judgment. Take back control of your social anxiety with Kyle’s 3 step process to achieve social confidence and tackle goals you were too anxious to strive for before. Learning objectives (3) 1. What social anxiety is and its purpose 2. 3 step process to turn social anxiety into social confidence 3. How to support others with their social anxiety and mental health

Wyatt's Story: A message on Fentanyl

Julie Hoffman

Bridge the Gap Between Parents and Teens How to Keep Tweens and Teens Talking to Us

Kerry Stutzman

There are so many curveballs and moments of uncertainty in parenting ‘tweens and teens. In this presentation, we will focus on trouble spots such as keeping our big kids talking to us, putting an end to arguing and yelling, and being the kind of parent your child can confide in.

Understanding Childhood Trauma and How to Help Youth Recover

Beth Tyson

Childhood trauma is common, and a natural response to overwhelming events, yet most people are unaware of what it is and how it shows up in the life of a child. If you are raising a child with big emotions and nothing you do seems to help, this webinar is for you! You will take away practical, evidence-based techniques for helping the children you love to heal the root cause beneath their challenging behaviors - a lack of security in the world around them caused by trauma.


The Effects of Social Distancing on Teens’ Social-emotional Development

Caroline Maguire

Social distancing has isolated and stressed all of us, but it has caused teens to lose valuable opportunities to practice their social skills, and make and keep friends. Peer Connection is critical for tweens/teens' well-being.


Teens, Screens, and the Summer of Covid-19

Dr. Paul Weigle

In this webinar we explore how screen media habits impact the health of teens. Advances in persuasive design coupled with social distancing measures have resulted in an explosion of screen media engagement to the extent that it now dominates the lives of many teens.


Social Media Mania: Setting Boundaries

Mary Beth Uberti

Do you feel like your child knows more about social media and the cell phone than you do? You're not alone. In this webinar we will discuss raising digitally responsible children, establishing family media boundaries, and parental control settings.


Helping Kids Overcome School Anxiety and Build Resiliency

Dr. Sharon Saline

This webinar will discuss how anxiety works and what professionals and parents can do to help kids reduce their worries. Dr. Saline will also discuss how to help kids change their relationship to worry, and avoid the pitfalls of negative thinking.


COVID Crazy? Fresh Ideas for Family Fun

Operation Parent

Are you out of fun family activities to get through this quarantine? Feeling stressed with trying to juggle working from home plus manage your children, online school, and so much togetherness? Looking for some ways to deal with your own stress? So are we! Our team members have children in all age groups and will be sharing ideas on family fun and ways to destress.


Teens & Opioids: What Parents Need to Know

Arlene Rice

This webinar digs deep into the topic of teen opioid use, and focus on how prescription pain pills can lead to heroin or fentanyl use. Arlene will teach you about the various types of opioids, how to recognize use, and where and how a teen might conceal drugs.


Helping Teens Cope with Anxiety during Covid-19

Dr. Tanya Stockhammer

Not sure what to say or how to help your teen cope with Covid-19? You are not alone. This webinar will explain the positive and unhelpful components of anxiety, what happens to our teens during high anxiety, and tips to help with discussions about how to help them deal with their emotions.


Parent’s Can't Stop What They Don’t know!

Tara McGuire

This webinar features hot topics like how Alcopops are marketed to youth using cool names like Twisted Tea or Rick’s Spiked Mandarin Lime, bright colors, and added sweeteners; new products on the market; tips to prepare you to identify Alcopops from similar non-alcoholic drinks kids like; and federal and state actions to keep these dangerous products out of the hands of youth.


Marijuana: Parenting for Prevention

Christine Storm

In this webinar, we will explore the important role parents play, discuss the landscape of cannabis products our kids may be exposed to, and learn how we can reduce the chances of our teens using.


Teen Triple Threat: Top Risks for Young Drivers

Daniel Armbruster

Motor vehicle crashes are the No. 1 cause of death among U.S. teens. This free virtual workshop, which teens can attend with their parents, provides resources and walks through many important driving topics, including the teen triple threat of impaired, distracted, and drowsy driving.


How Are Children Being Trafficked Without Us Noticing?

Cara Starns

Child trafficking has never been more diverse, complex, or blurred. To make matters worse, technology and social media has changed everything with unprecedented speed. Our session breaks down the current trends in child trafficking, the risks and signs you should be looking for, and equips you with prevention resources.


Sex, Drugs and Netflix

Dr Aaron Wiener

Depictions of drug and alcohol use is widespread in current media, including shows often viewed by teenagers such as Stranger Things and The Queen's Gambit on Netflix, and HBO's Euphoria. Given that research indicates that exposure to these messages increases teenage substance use, what can parents do to protect their children? And how do depictions of substance use and sexual activity relate to risky sexual behavior in real life? Join Dr. Weiner for an exploration of the psychological impact of drug use and sexual content in media, as well as actionable strategies for parents and caregivers to help teenagers navigate this complicated social and cultural terrain.

Helping Your Teen Overcome Anxiety and Depression

Zach Westerbeck

In this workshop, Zach Westerbeck will share his story of hitting rock bottom and how he learned to overcome symptoms of anxiety, depression, and thoughts of suicide. You will learn the fundamental tools you need to help support your teen through their mental health struggles.


How is Vaping Effecting Teens, Especially during Covid?

Dr. Aaron Weiner

Our teens are caught in the crossfire of a war between a massive vaping industry and the public health entities trying to reign them in. We will highlight current teen vaping statistics and the latest policy changes on flavor bans, disposable vapes, and more.


Talking to Your Teens about Underage Drinking

Helen Witty

Helen Witty, a parent and victim of drunk and drugged driving, lost her precious daughter Helen Marie when a teen who had been drinking tequila and smoking marijuana and driving. Helen will graciously remind us of the power we have as parents to help our teens make smart, healthy, and safer choices.


Helping Families Navigate the System of Addiction and Understand Treatment Options

Arlene Rice

This presentation will assist participants in understanding the various types of treatment options available, their definitions, and provide participants with a roadmap to guide families through the process of navigating the system of addiction.


Youth Suicide on the Rise

Dr. Hatim Omar

Dr. Omar will be joining us to discuss adolescent development issues related to suicide, contributing factors, and prevention strategies for youth suicide. He will also be discussing the rise of depression during the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on youth.


When Alcohol, Teens and Covid Intersect

Christine Storm & David Chango

Cooped up teens might be looking forward to blowing off steam…in unhealthy ways. We will discuss common misconceptions about alcohol that influence parenting choices and share tips on how parents can educate teens to have a healthy perspective on alcohol for their future.


Adolescent Mental Health in 2021

Dr. Aaron Weiner

Join us to learn how the global pandemic has affected teen mental health, how you can tell normal problems from more significant mental health concerns, and numerous actionable steps and ideas you can use to support your child's mental health and wellbeing today!


Be A Force for Life: A Webinar on Suicide from a Christian Perspective

Dr. Matthew Sleeth

Dr. Matthew Sleeth believes Christians—and our churches—should be the first to offer hope. Are we prepared to do so? During this webinar, Dr. Sleeth discusses the dramatic increase in Suicide and ideation in youth, and equips parents with tools to help prevent suicide in their family and community.

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